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Double Pan of Artisan Handmade Cinnamon Roll


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Indulge in the delightful goodness of our vegan cinnamon rolls! Made with a perfect blend of all-purpose flour, creamy oat milk, and the sweetness of raw cane sugar. We use vegetable or canola oil for a moist and tender texture, while the aromatic combination of ground cinnamon and spices elevates the flavor. Crafted with care, our rolls feature instant yeast for a fluffy rise, and a hint of apple cider vinegar and vanilla extract to add a subtle tang and richness. Irresistibly soft, vegan-friendly, and mouthwatering! Enjoy a guilt-free treat with every bite.

Weight 148 oz

4 pack, 8 pack


Original, Raisin, Cookies and Cream, Raspberry, Blueberry,, Mocha Chocolate Chip, Ube, S'Mores, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Maple Brown Sugar, Peach, Red Velvet, Sweet Potato, Bananas Foster

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